Monday, October 26, 2009

Class reunion

Having had quite a few weeks off between classes it was great for all the students of Annie's IPD 09 class to come together and discuss how we had chosen to go about creating our artefacts. We then worked to create a programme outlining the order of presentation of our artefacts next week which will be our final class.

Having spent a number of weeks perfecting my three artefacts, I can honestly say that I have learnt invaluable lessons in the process. I had never created a brochure or a magazine article before, and in doing so along the way I certainly learnt there is a lot more to be considered when creating such publications that meets the eye! From colour schemes to adequate white space to font selection, it seems there is so much detailed thought and planning that goes into creating such pieces. On the other hand, I realised that intervening in someone else's text and making it my own causes me to reflect on my own attitudes towards the message the text is trying to convey. Through this process I was able to explore attitudes and biases that I never knew I had.

Finally, the biggest and most painful lesson that I learnt is to be thorough and check everything over and over again. Initially I got a verbal quote from a professional printing company to have my three artefacts printed off that I thought was reasonable, so I agreed to email them the files so they could print them off. In doing so, I unwittingly sent them the wrong file which was a previous draft that contained a couple of spelling errors because I was in a hurry and failed to check that it was the correct file before I sent it. When I reached the printers' to collect my artefacts they proceeded to charge me triple what they had originally quoted me and then denied that they had ever given me a verbal quote. There wasn't much I could do so I reluctantly paid the amount they wanted and after carefully examining the artefacts that was when I also discovered the spelling errors. Given the expense that I had already gone to I did not have sufficient funds to have the artefact printed off without the errors, and as a consequence my artefact will now look less professional than I would have liked. Through this I learnt two very important lessons - firstly, always get a written quote and secondly, check check and recheck things before they go for final printing.

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